Virgin Mary appears to Caqueta soldiers

posted by Christina Filipovic
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The military garrison in San Vicente del Caguan, in the southern department of Caqueta, has been blessed by a Marian apparition, according to soldiers in the area.

In an interview with Caracol TV, one soldier said, “The truth is that she was a marvelous surprise. I realized it was her, without a doubt, because no painter exists here that could make an image as marvelous as her.”

The “divine manifestation” was seen in the window pane of a building housing a battalion of soldiers.

The vision has created a fervor among Catholics who have come to see the Virgin and hold religious ceremonies.

The commander of the battalion, Wilson Camargo, considered the appearance a positive sign, “This is a blessing of God and the Virgin, and a blessing of all the work my men do day after day, serving the community.”

The colonel has ordered that the window never be touched.

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