US should not ignore Latin America: Santos

posted by Ben Hockman
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Colombia news - Juan Manuel Santos

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has warned the United States not to ignore Latin America.

Santos made the remarks shortly after his arrival in Rhode Island for an Ibero-American forum on Tuesday and a lecture at Brown University.

According to Colombian President, the U.S. should “look first to its southern neighbors rather than the rest of the world….there is so much potential on our continent”.

He went on to say that Latin America has a “great future ahead of it and we have everything that the world needs here,” which is why, according to Santos the continent’s economies continue to grow by an average of 6% per year and have recovered faster from the economic crisis than the rest of the world.

Santos’s comments come just days after Democratic U.S. senators encouraged the re-establishment of the U.S. – Colombian free trade agreement.

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