UFO sightings surge around Colombian volcano

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The highest volcano in Colombia has been the scene of numerous UFO sightings in recent weeks, which according to some is due to extraterrestrials monitoring seismic activity in an effort to save the human race.

Locals in the border region between the two departments of Huila and Cauca, where the Volcan Nevada del Huila is situated, believe the UFOs to belong to extraterrestrial beings, and have documented sightings with pictures and video, reported Diario del Huila Tuesday.

These claims were backed by local UFO expert Ricardo Ayerbe, who told the newspaper that he has witnessed an increase in unidentified flying objects over the last decade.

Ayerbe explained that he is currently investigating the phenomenon and believes that alien beings have an interest in the geological area, which is at present at Level 3 risk level, meaning that there are changes in volcanic activity.

The activity of a number of volcanoes in the central Andes has not only caused alarm, but also provides a possible explanation for the UFO sightings, according to Ayerbe.

“Quite possibly these sightings are related to these geological events that have occurred in recent months. At the moment there have been sightings in areas of geological risk, because it seems they have an interesting in observing the risks that humanity is taking, surely with the purpose of intervening to try to save the race from these risks,” he explained, apparently with a straight face.

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