46th Vallenato Festival returns to Valledupar

posted by Hannah Mead
46th Vallenato Festival returns to Valledupar


The Vallenato Legend festival, one of Colombia’s biggest popular culture events, will return to the city of Valledupar in the northern Colombian department of Cesar between April 26 and 30.

The festival was founded in 1968 by legendary vallenato composer, Rafael Escalona, former President Alfonso Lopez Michelsen, and former Minister of Culture Consuelo Araujo, as a way to celebrate and preserve the musical genre of vallenato.

Vallenato literally means “born in the valley,” and is now used to describe people from Valledupar as well as the popular folk music, which originates from the region. Valledupar has a rich cultural history and the music is said to have been fueled by myth, magic, and traditional customs.

The festival features music contests with a range of different categories for professionals, amateurs and children. Musicians can also compete for other titles such as “best amateur accordion player.” Another competition is the “piqueria”, where singers take each other on in an improvised duel, where the quickest and most inventive competitor wins.

In addition to music contests, there will be shows, parades and a party atmosphere over the five days.


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