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822 persons in Colombia injured by December fireworks
Jan 7, 2014 Ξ No Comments

822 persons in Colombia injured by December fireworks

posted by Philipp Zwehl

In December, 822 people were hurt by fireworks in Colombia, according to the National Health Institute.


More than 240 persons in Colombia hurt by fireworks so far this month
Dec 13, 2013 Ξ No Comments

More than 240 persons in Colombia hurt by fireworks so far this month

posted by Philipp Zwehl

More than 240 people were hurt by fireworks during the first two weeks of December in Colombia, according to the National Health Institute, as numbers of injuries rise every year  Full Article »


Nov 29, 2012 Ξ No Comments

Colombia kicks off Christmas with fireworks

posted by Caitlin Trent

Colombia’s capital city of Bogota is set to start the holiday season off with a boom with its annual fireworks show on December 7 with a slew of Christmas lights,  Full Article »


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Shakira plays with fire

posted by Aylish O'Driscoll

Colombian singing sensation Shakira has been caught on camera ringing in the New Year with illegal fireworks, reports Colombian magazine Cromos. The dimunitive popstar was filmed playing with the famous “butterfly sparklers”  Full Article »


Dec 16, 2011 Ξ No Comments

203 Colombians injured by fireworks this month

posted by Tim Hinchliffe

Colombia’s National Health Institute confirmed Friday that 203 people have been injured by fireworks so far this month, reported news station Noticias Uno. Colombia has already seen a 5.1% increase  Full Article »


Nov 23, 2010 Ξ No Comments

Antioquia plans for safe holiday season

posted by Manuela Kuehr

Over 5,000 military and police are prepared to provide extra security in Antioquia to make it a safe place for locals and tourists over the holiday season, Medellin newspaper El  Full Article »


Jul 19, 2010 Ξ No Comments

What’s on? Medellin’s bicentennial celebrations

posted by Pandora Pugsley

Medellin will mark Colombia’s 200th anniversary of independence with a fireworks display billed as the largest and most spectacular ever staged in Colombia. Two and half tons of gunpowder will  Full Article »


Dec 4, 2009 Ξ No Comments

31 burned by fireworks in December

posted by Kirsten Begg

31 Colombians were burned by fireworks in the first four days of December, including 21 minors, the national police announced Friday. Director of civilian security General Orlando Paez Baron said  Full Article »

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