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Jun 22, 2012 Ξ No Comments

Pope speaks to Colombian church officials

posted by Victoria Rossi

Pope Benedict XVI urged Colombia’s Catholic Church to help the country’s criminals, its poor, displaced and kidnapped. He also called for special help to assist victims of the Andean nation’s recent  Full Article »


Mar 20, 2012 Ξ No Comments

Hitman hired by priests to carry out their murder faces 25 years in jail

posted by Miriam Wells

A man hired by two Colombian priests to murder them after one was diagnosed with AIDS faces at least 25 years in jail, reported newspaper El Espectador Tuesday. Gildardo Alberto  Full Article »


Feb 20, 2012 Ξ No Comments

New details emerge in priests’ murder/suicide case

posted by Arron Daugherty

New details emerged in Colombian priests’ murder/suicide case, which has gripped the nation, reported local media Monday. Colombians were shocked last week when investigators revealed that two priests found shot dead in Bogota last year had  Full Article »


Feb 14, 2012 Ξ No Comments

Murdered Colombian priests hired their own killers

posted by Arron Daugherty

Authorities have revealed two murdered Colombian priests contracted their own killers after one was diagnosed with a terminal illness, reported local media Tuesday. Rafael Reatiga and Richard Píffano Laguado were found  Full Article »


Jul 18, 2011 Ξ No Comments

Vatican transfers bishop who negotiated with criminal groups

posted by Matt Snyder

  A Colombian bishop who had served as an intermediary between drug trafficking organizations and the government was transferred by the Vatican to a different seat Sunday, El Meridiano reported.  Full Article »


Apr 27, 2011 Ξ No Comments

Bogota’s churches exceed legally acceptable noise levels

posted by Ben Hockman

More than 100 churches in Bogota are exceeding legally acceptable levels of noise, El Tiempo newspaper reported Wednesday. The department for the environment conducted recent visits to 147 Christian and  Full Article »


Jan 27, 2011 Ξ No Comments

2 priests murdered in Bogota

posted by Jim Glade

Authorities are investigating the early morning double-homicide of two priests in Colombia’s capital, Bogota. Two priests were found shot to death in an abandoned car early Thursday morning in the  Full Article »


Jan 17, 2011 Ξ No Comments

Cordoba drug gangs willing to demobilize: church

posted by Adriaan Alsema

Neo-paramilitary groups active in the north Colombian department of Cordoba are willing to demobilize, the Catholic Church said Sunday. According to Monteria bishop Julio Cesar Vidal, a number of the  Full Article »


Oct 26, 2010 Ξ No Comments

Colombian priest implicated in abuse scandal

posted by Scott Kobewka

A Colombian priest is among the clergies who escaped U.S. justice despite child abuse allegations, a 10,000-page document, declassified by the church on Monday, showed. One of the names in  Full Article »


Oct 4, 2010 Ξ No Comments

Garzon: ‘Ball is in FARC’s court’

posted by Teresa Welsh

Colombian Vice President Angelino Garzon on Monday challenged the FARC to show signs of wanting peace and engaging in dialogue with the government. “The ball is in the guerrilla’s court,”  Full Article »

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