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Colombian flower growers celebrate Valentine’s Day
Feb 14, 2014 Ξ No Comments

Colombian flower growers celebrate Valentine’s Day

posted by Camilo Mejia Giraldo

Colombian Lovers and flower businesses alike celebrate Valentine’s Day as farmers across country prepare millions of flowers for local sale and export. In Colombia, the second largest exporter of flowers  Full Article »


May 14, 2012 Ξ No Comments

Flowers to be 1st Colombian export to US under FTA

posted by Christan Leonard

Colombia’s first export to the United States under the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement will be a shipment of 4,200 boxes of flowers, Portfolio News reported Sunday. A plane carrying the  Full Article »


Apr 28, 2011 Ξ No Comments

Rainy season adversely affecting Colombia’s cut flower industry

posted by Toni Peters

The exceptional rainy season has affected 95% of the areas where flowers are grown for exportation leading the president of the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) to fear a  Full Article »


Feb 11, 2011 Ξ No Comments

Flower growers ready for Valentine’s Day despite rainy season

posted by Adriaan Alsema

Despite torrential rains throughout 2010, Colombia’s flower export industry is able to export as many flowers as last year for one of the sector’s most important annual events; Valentine’s Day.  Full Article »


Dec 2, 2010 Ξ No Comments

Harsh weather hits flower production

posted by Cameron Sumpter

Colombia’s flower producers say that 2010’s severe weather has been devastating to the industry and that production for next year’s Valentine’s Day will be far lower than usual, reports RCN.  Full Article »

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