Notorious drug trafficker shot dead in western Colombia

posted by Rob Edmond

Colombia News / Lorena Montoya

A notorious drug trafficker has been shot and killed in western Colombia, reported local media on Friday.

According to Caracol Radio, two gunmen shot Lorena Henao Montoya, also known as “The Widow of the Mafia” on a major highway outside of the city of Armenia before being captured by police minutes later.

Montoya was travelling with a minor who was also injured and is recieving care in a nearby hospital.

The widow of Ivan Urdinola, a trafficker for the Norte del Valle cartel which used to be the third biggest drug gang in Medellin behind the Cali and Medellin cartels, was also a leader of the “Montoya Clan” whose members have been notified as forming some of the world’s most powerful drug trafficking networks.

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