Colombia’s new military leadership ‘unbeatable': Santos

posted by Alice Boyd

colombias new military leaders

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announced his complete faith in the country’s new military leadership, calling it “unbeatable,” according to a report by El Espectador.

The new leaders of Colombia’s military and police forces assumed their roles Friday during the ceremony of the changing of the leadership in Bogota.

The president told the new leaders of the military and police that “we must keep persisting until we achieve the final goal, which is the peace of this country.”

The Colombian government has made a number of sweeping changes to the military leadership since the sudden resignation of the former Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera last Wednesday. Juan Carlos Pinzon was named Colombia’s new Defense Minister, Alejandro Navas was appointed the country’s new military commander and a number of high ranking officials within the military and police forces were removed.

The former minister of defense had been widely criticized for the recent deterioration of the security situation in Colombia.

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