Georgia National Ballet tours Colombia (video)

posted by Sarah Cast
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The National Ballet of Georgia, featuring 70 dancers and a small orchestra, will perform in seven cities across Colombia in late October.

The tour began Sunday with a performance in Pasto and will feature showings in Popayan, Pereira, Manizales, and Cali. The ballet will perform in Bogota for three nights, then wrap up its tour with a two-night stop in Medellin.

The Eurasian folk ballet is renowned for its meticulous attention to harmony.

“Georgian dances are divided into solo, pair and group,” the company explained. “Each dancer has to subordinate to the requirements of a common plan and its expression in the dance.”

“This is theater,” praised The Washington Post. “It works because all the dancers are the same height, perfectly coiffed and precise in everything, even their gaze. The women’s long black braids reach to exactly the same point at their hips, and when the men are lined up, their red sashes are so uniformly placed that they make one big red slash across the stage.”

The Georgian Nationally Ballet, founded in 1945, has performed at the Metropolitan Opera, Albert Hall, Madison Square Garden and the Coliseum, among other famous venues worldwide.

Tickets are available at Tuboleta.

Colombia Tour Schedule:

  • Pasto (Nariño)
    Sunday, October 16 — Teatro de la Bethlemitas
  • Popayan (Cauca)
    Tuesday, October 18 — Teatro Municipal Guillermo Valencia
  • Pereira (Risaralda)
    Wednesday, October 19 — Teatro Santiago Londoño
  • Manizales (Caldas)
    Thursday, October 20 — Teatro Fundadores
  • Cali (Valle de Cauca)
    Saturday, October 22 — Teatro Municipal Enrique Buenaventura (2 showings)
  • Bogota (D.C.)
    Monday, October 24, Tuesday, October 25 and Wednesday, October 26 — Teatro Patria
  • Medellin (Antioquia)
    Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 — Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe

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