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Local ‘FARC leader’ killed in central Colombia

posted by Katharina Wecker

Colombia News

The Colombian Army killed an alleged local FARC leader in combat the country’s central Meta department.

Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon announced Monday the death of alias “Yesid Borracho, the “FARC’s “Abelardo Romero” Front’s leader, who supposedly coordinated intelligence work in the La Uribe municipality.

Yesid Borracho reportedly fought in the ranks of Colombia’s largest rebel group for more than 17 years and was also responsible for supplying weapons to different FARC fronts that operate in the Meta department.

According to a government press statement, 18 local FARC leaders have been killed in combat in the first six months of 2012.

“Never before in the fight against terrorism in Colombia have so many front or mobile column leaders been neutralized in such a short time,” the defense minister added.

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