‘La Cara Oculta’, 2012’s first Colombian movie, hits screens (video)

posted by Başak Çopuroğlu

Colombia Reports - Cara Oculta

The premiere of the first Colombian film of the year, ”La Cara Oculta,” will take place on Friday.

The movie is directed by Andi Baiz, who also directed ”Satanas,” the successful Colombian movie which collected many awards, including Best Colombian Movie at the Bogota Film Festival, and Best Actor at the Festival of Monte Carlo.

La Cara Oculta’s subject matter is a stark contrast from the themes that typically dominate Colombian film productions: drug trafficking, prostitutes and humor.

The movie is set in Bogota, and follows the story of the disappearance of the wife of a musician who comes to Colombia to conduct the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra. A host of problems are then generated by the appearance of a new woman in the musician’s life.

Producer Andres Calderon describes is as ”a film that puts a new face on Colombian cinema.”

The movie is expected to be screened in 16 countries.

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