Juanes and Miguel Bose discuss peace concert in Venezuela

posted by Jacob Stringer
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Colombia culture news - juanes miguel bose

The Colombian singer Juanes, along with Spaniard Miguel Bose, are visiting musicians in Venezuela to discuss holding a third “Peace Without Borders” concert, said local media Tuesday.

The two singers visited Venezuelan musician and political organizer Jose Antonio Abreu this week with the aim of holding another concert in June, according to Venezuelan media. The singers were key figures in organising the first “Peace Without Borders” concert, on the border of Colombia and Venezuela,as well as the second in Cuba, both headlined by Juanes.

Juanes and Bose also toured the Center for Social Action Through Music in Caracas, the base for Abreu’s youth education orchestras.

For the forthcoming concert, to be held in a central park in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, the two musicians hope to bring together 15 artists from across Europe and Latin America.

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