Journalist assassinated in Colombia

posted by Alexander Stone

Colombia News - Journalist killed

Journalist Luis Eduardo Gomez was assassinated on Thursday night as he arrived home with his wife and was intercepted by two men on a motorbike, in Arboletes, a town in the department of Antioquia.

According to the secretary of the governer of the area, Esteban Revolledo, Gomez, 70, was shot five times. There had been no recorded threat to his life.

Revollendo told El Tiempo, “at the moment we dont know who carried out the act or who is responsible. He [Gomez] spent much of his time here in Arboletes, and dedicated much of that time to writing about politics”.

Gomez was appearing as a witness for a judicial investigation into links between right-wing paramilitary groups and Colombian politicians.

Civil and military authorites organized a meeting to discuss the security situation in the area, following the killing of a second witness in a week. The municipal official Jose Vicente Botero was killed on June 27 after receiving threats from paramilitary groups.

Forty-eight local politicians are being investigated for their ties to the umbrella paramilitary organization “the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia” (AUC), which came together in the 1990’s in order to combat left-wing guerillas.

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