James Rodriguez most Googled player in Colombia after 1st Real Madrid match

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James Rodriguez most Googled player in Colombia after 1st Real Madrid match

James Rodriguez (Photo: Dypia)

Colombia’s star midfielder James Rodriguez became the most sought after player on Google following his debut for Real Madrid at the European Super Cup, Colombian media reported on Thursday.

James had already achieved the status of most Googled player of the 2014 World Cup, and then again when the announcement was made of his transfer to Real Madrid, according to Colombia’s El Espectador newspaper.

After his official debut for the Spanish side, James has once again become the player with the most Google searches in Colombia.

Despite all the hype and media fervor, those searching for news of James scorching the net like he did in the World Cup would be disappointed, as the Colombian had “little impact” over the final outcome of the European Super Cup.

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The only other athletes to received similar numbers were Colombia’s BMX World Championship winner, Mariana Pajon, and goalkeeper David Ospina’s transfer to UK soccer giants, Arsenal.

According to El Espectador, only the death of beloved American actor, Robin Williams, received more Google searches than James, following the announcement on August 11.


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