Flamenco season kicks-off in Bogota with 2 big names

posted by Tim Hinchliffe
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The Flamenco season kicked-off this month in Bogota with two famous headliners.

With the melodious voice of Manuel Moreno Maya, “El Pele,” and the brilliant hands of David Pena Dorantes, the latter known as the “jewel of flamenco piano,” Bogota began its 2011 Flamenco season, reported newspaper El Espectador.

The desire for innovation led the two great names in flamenco to work together on the show “Dos Cabezas pa’un Sombrero” about the disappearing traditional elements of flamenco such as the guitar being replaced with the piano. El Pele says this innovation does not hurt the musical genre as all that is needed is for the audience to enjoy the music.

The intention of Flamenco season, in the eyes of El Pele and Dorantes, is to share the beauty of this Spanish musical art, and to make other forms of expression from the Andalusian region known.

The festival is held at the “Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo de Bogota” from Friday, October 7th, through Sunday, November 23rd.

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