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Feria de Manizales: a week of bullfighting and beautiful women

posted by Jacob Stringer

Colombia - Coffee queen

If you like your festivals on the macho side then Manizales is the place to be next week. The annual Feria de Manizales is famous for its bullfighting and for its International Coffee Beauty Pageant, which stars women from around the globe.

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The Feria, which this year runs from January 6-13, has been going since 1951 and attracts visitors from across Colombia and beyond. It is particularly well-known for its beauty pageant, where women from Brazil, Venezuela, Panama and the United States, among others, compete to be “Coffee Queen.”

But organizers are also careful to emphasize cultural events and events for children during the week, ensuring there will be something for everyone. The city will host live music and dance events and art exhibitions, with events happening across the city all day every day.

The Feria de Manizales also includes tennis, billiards and chess tournaments and soccer matches.

The Feria begins on Saturday with an opening ceremony and grand parade through the town.

For more information see the official website and the festival program.

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