‘FARC’ threatens to shut down western Colombia

posted by Olle Ohlsen Pettersson

Colombia news - guerrilla

Pamphlets allegedly issued by FARC, Colombia’s largest rebel group, on Tuesday warned of a three-week shutdown of the road connecting the west of Colombia with the rest of the country.

According to local media, the pamphlets allege that the FARC will consider any vehicle traveling on the road between the cities of Quibdo (Choco) and Pereira (Risaralda)as “military targets”

The commander of Colombia’s National Police, General Jose Roberto Leon, said the so-called “armed strike” between February 1 and 20 was a “paper strike,” but nevertheless ordered reinforced security in several municipalities adjacent to the road between the two cities.

Authorities said protected “bus caravans” would be organized to allow traffic to flow freely in the case of an attack.

FARC rebels have launched 37 assaults against security forces and infrastructure in the first nine days since announcing the end of their unilateral ceasefire on January 20.

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