‘FARC member’ responsible for Betancourt’s security during kidnapping captured

posted by Olle Ohlsen Pettersson
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Colombian police captured an alleged farc member believed to have been charged with Ingrid Betcancourt’s security during her captivity, local media reported Monday.

Police said the Colombian national, Marco Elvis Patiño, alias “Efren” or “Patequeso,” was captured in the Puerto Rico municipality in Colombia’s southern Caqueta department. Authorities said Efren, who spent some 31 years in the ranks of the rebel group, was the second-in-command of the FARC’s 55th Front.

Betancourt was kidnapped by the FARC in 2002 and was freed by the Colombian Army during a 2008 rescue mission.

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Olle Ohlsen Pettersson is a Swedish journalist specialized in the armed conflict, public order and crime. He studied at Stockholm University.

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