FARC leader ‘Milton Diaz’ killed in combat

posted by Sia Normann

Colombia news - Diaz

FARC leader John Javier Ariza Gil, alias “Milton Diaz,” who is linked to several killings in the east of Colombia, has died in combat, the Colombian military said Friday.

According to a press release on the army website, the rebel, who is accused of terrorism, kidnapping and homicide, died along with two other FARC guerrillas on Wednesday.

The combat between the FARC rebels and army forces took place in in the rural zone of Tame, in the Arauca department bordering Venezuela where “Milton Dias” had been operating for years.

Milton Dias was allegedly the second-in-command of the Alfonso Castellanos Mobile Column.

According to the army, “Dias” joined the FARC in 1995 and worked his way up the hierarchy over the years.

He was an expert in explosives and was accused of planing and carrying out several terrorist activities such as homicides and kidnappings.

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