Falcao to sue ‘The Sun’ for publicizing false affair

posted by Caitlin Trent

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Colombian soccer star Radamel Falcao is allegedly suing UK newspaper “The Sun” for claiming he had an affair with Ecuadorean model Natalia Velez, reported local media Tuesday.

The famous striker for Atletico Madrid is reportedly very upset and threatening to sue over the gossip that British newspaper The Sun published, titled “Falcao scores again” referencing an alleged affair that Falcao had with hot Ecuadorian model, Natalia Velez.

According to newspaper El Espectador, “Falcao is a happily married man” to Argentine singer-song writer Taron Dahiana Lorelei and is a “faithful Christian.”

Whether or not the Ecuadorian lingerie model and Falcao known as the “Tiger” are lovers, friends, or don’t even know each other remains to be confirmed but, Facoa is adamantly denying the claims and allegedly, so is Velez, reported Terra news.

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