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Colombia removes 6 generals in military shake-up

posted by Alice Boyd

The Colombian military removed six generals from the line of command Wednesday, following a series of sweeping changes to the country’s military leadership, Colombian media reported.

The changes come just hours after the removal of six high-level Colombian police officials and a day after General Alejandro Navas was named as the country’s new military commander.

The six army generals that have been removed will either be required to retire, given non-military public service positions or roles in diplomacy.

The outgoing generals are General Justo Eliceo Peña, the former military attache to China; General Leondardo Alfonso Barrero Gordillo, former commander of the third division; General Luis Eduardo Perez, former army inspector; General Jose Rodriguez Clavijo, former chief operating officer of the general command of the armed forces and General Jairo Erazo, former commander of the joint command of the Pacific.

The military leadership has undergone a number of changes since the appointment of Juan Carlos Pinzon as the new Minister of Defense last Wednesday.