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Colombia seeks to be China strategic partner

posted by Toni Peters

Maria Angela Holguin

Colombia´s Foreign Minister began her official visit to China Tuesday in a bid for the Andean nation to become a “strategic partner” of the Asian superpower.

Colombia is currently one of China´s “cooperative partner,” like Bolivia, and is seeking to deepen the relationship to become a “strategic partner” like Chile which would bring the benefit of more frequent high level exchanges.

According to newspaper El Tiempo the visit by Maria Angela Holguin has two other objectives; to level out the trade balance between the two countries – Colombia currently has a deficit of $5.6 billion, and promote Chinese investment in Colombia, especially in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

The Colombian Foreign Minister commenced the visit by meeting with her Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi and China´s Vice Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

Holguin said “Colombia has a clear policy of becoming closer with China.” China´s Vice Prime Minister said “China wants to increase the flow of reciprocal investment between China and Colombia,” and underlined the importance of the 32-year relationship between Colombia and China

Colombian officials visited China in November 2011 to discuss bilateral relations.

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