Medellin’s Carlos E. Restrepo park

posted by Adriaan Alsema
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Colombia news - Carlos E Restrepo

Medellin has a number of parks where you can hang out, drink a few, do some people-watching and enjoy a conversation. One of the less obvious parks, but one of the absolute best is that of Carlos E. Restrepo.

The neighborhood, named after a former President, is located on the west side of the river and is quiet, mildly upper class and very green. The park, where you’ll also find the city’s Modern Art Museum, is a stretched one with some trendy bars and a handful of places where you can eat.

The crowd in the park consists mostly of middle and upper class youth of a slightly alternative breed. The women are gorgeous as always and the guys will occasionally bring guitars and percussion for some informal performances.

There’s the obvious vendors of folklorist art and jewelry, but because of the demography of the neighborhood, it’s not as tacky as in other parks.

Most typical about the park is the local beggar, who does not try to sell you chicklets, but sells you poetry.

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Adriaan Alsema is the founder and editor-in-chief of Colombia Reports. Born and raised a Dutchman, Adriaan has been living in Colombia since 2008.

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