Bogota gets freaky for El Freaky’s second anniversary

posted by Toni Peters

Colombia Events - Freaky Event

To celebrate two years of non-stop monthly parties all over the country, El Freaky will treat its freaky fans to a birthday bash in Bogota on May 6.

Headlining is Mr Pauer who’ll be serving up a daring mix of tropical and electronic rhythms, with the vibes of cumbia, electro, dub and funk. Mr Pernett, head honcho of the Comunidad Serankua artistic collective, will also be in attendance.

As will the usual freaky crew will be Kmmy Ranks, Mike Style, Fat Suggar, Andres Shaq, Gunshots by Computer plus a li’l extra surprise.

If you want to attend this event with a plus one, make sure you follow @shockcomco and @freakycolectivo on Twitter and email concursoshock@gmail.com with the following details; name, ID number, telephone, email address, and Twitter name.

The venue is Latora 4 Brazos, Carrera 8 #40-18 (Javeriana). Doors open at 8.30pm and the cover won’t make you freak out. Ladies are free before 10pm, COP15,000 after while guys are COP 10,000 before 10pm, COP 15,000 after.

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