Airplane stolen in northern Colombia

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An armed group stole a small airplane after entering an airport in northern Colombia Sunday night, newspaper El Colombiano reported.

The airplane, a small Cesna 210 stationed at Antioquia’s “Los Cedros” airport, was apparently taken around 7PM Sunday, when the armed group threatened the guards of a private security company to hand over the aircraft.

“The airplane, which was under the custody of competent regional authorities, in one of the hangars in the Los Cedros airport, took off without a plan of return and without any permission”, said the Colombian air force in a statement.

A firefight broke out between the assailants, guards and police, reported radio station Caracol.

According to air force intelligence, the plane was last seen on radar flying across the Panamanian border. Central american authorities have been notified.

The Guatemala-registered airplane was parked in the hangar of a fumigation company that was detailed with private security. It was stationed at the airport since December 2011, when it was intercepted and expropriated by Colombian authorities during an attempted illegal flight between Colombia and Honduras.

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